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Keen Dreams - Enemies and Characters

King Boobus Tuber
This creature is a very dangerous one, the big boss. It can be killed with 12 gun fires. He can kill you upon contact and only Boobus Bombs will work on him.

Pea Pod
This crazy guy can fire walking peas and will kill you on contact. You can stun it with a single gun fire.

Tater Trooper
These little fellows are trying to guard the area. They require 1 gun shot to get killed.

Attacking Asparagus Spear
This one is a fast creature which can kill you upon contact. One gun shot to stun.

Kills on contact, 1 shot to stun.

Killer Broccoli
This green little vegetable will try to follow you everywhere you go. Kills on contact, 1 shot to stun.

Frantic French Fry
Will take 1 shot to kill them. Watch out for it's fries, they will put your keen to sleep.

Kills on contact. It hans on the walls and drops down when you pass by.

Crazed Carrot
These fast carrots are trying to push you around, they won't harm you. You can stun them by a single gun fire.

Potato Bug
These little things often are helpful, but in dark areas, they can be a pain.

These guys are crazy little tomatoes that jumps around. Kills on contact, 1 shot to stun.

This heavy guy is trying to jump on keen, will kill on contact. Kill it with a single gun fire.