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The Makers of Keen: ID Software

Commander Keen is one of the best adventure games developed by ID Software, which is the same company that has developed the famous games Doom and Quake. These Commander Keen series were published by Apogee Games in the early 1990s. The game is now known all over the word because it was initially released as shareware (=software that is available free of charge on a trial basis). A total of seven official games were released for PC by ID software, a huge number of unofficial fan games has however been released also.

The Story of Billy Blaze

The main character in the game is Billy Blaze, a genius eight-year-old kid with an IQ of 314. has constructed a spaceship in his backyard from old soup cans and other household objects, called The Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket. When his parents are out and the baby sitter falls asleep, he takes his brother's football helmet and becomes Commander Keen, The Defender of Earth.