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Episode 5 - Enemies and Characters

The Armageddon Machine

Shikadi Master
A very dangerous and frightful creature which can throw electrospheres at you and teleport around.

Similar creature as shikadi, but this one has three legs and barks a lot.

Shikadi Mine
Avoid at all costs, these things will follow you until they catch you up and then they will explode.

A yellow creature which spins around and launches towards walls. If you're in the way, you'll be dead.

Little Ampton
A quick little creature that can charge at you with great speeds.

Electric little creatures which floats around like crazy.

A dangerous thing that floats around.

Robo Red
A huge robot. Will guard you and is always ready to fight. It will fire if he hears any sounds.

These things are some little red and angry creatures which are trying to crush you on the floor.

These are some small creatures built from electricity.

A small thing which will explode when you go near it.

This gray guy has a magnetic personality. Watch out for him, because he can charge at you very quickly.

A crystalline being with eight sharp points. Don't go near em.

This guy will push you around but he can be stunned by a single gun shot.