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Episode 4 - Enemies and Characters

Secret of the Oracle

This fiery creature can be dangerous. It will throw big fireballs at you, which can sometimes be hard to dodge.

Green creatures which can get very large.

Council Member
These council members need to be rescued in order to finish the game. There are eight of them hidden in all over the place.

Mad Mushroom
Jumping muschrooms, which can kill you with a single touch.

Small underwater creatures which can fire energy blasts at you.

Poison Slug
These creatures are the most common ones. They leave behind small green poison puddles which will kill you. Touching the creature will also get your keen killed.

The dumbest creature in the game. Will eat anything that is alive and moving.

Insane creatures with two dangerous mouths.

These red small bouncing bounders can't kill you, but they can be pretty annoying sometimes. Often they can even help you out.

Some small flying pests, which are hard to kill. Watch out for them as they can kill you.

Watch out for these deadly blue creatures which can breathe fire on you.

These worms are often all over the place, so watch out where you step your foot.

Princess Lindsey
A small woman that will help you by giving some valuable information about how to complete a specific mission.

Follow-the-leader type fishes, which can't harm you.