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Episode 3 - Enemies and Characters

Keen Must Die

These creatures can't harm you in any way. They will run away once you get near to them and you can simply kill them by touching them.

One of the most dangerous creatures in this episode. They can move and jump very fast, and it also takes up to 4 gun shots to kill them.

Young Vorticon
A very annoying creature which can run and jump with a great speed. Watch out for this creature, because it can easily paralyze your keen.

Jack Ball
Red small creatures that will just push you around. They can sometimes get really crazy and jump all over the screen.

These small green aliens will use their voice and sound waves to get you killed. One single gun shot will kill these creatures.

VortiMoms can be dangerous, but they can be also easily avoided by firing 5 gun shots at them. They move slowly and can fire deadly flames at you.

These small things will fly open in the space and can kill your keen with a single touch. Try to avoid them as much as you can, because these creatures can't be killed.

Killable by a single gun shot. But they are still very dangerous. They can jump pretty high, so try to avoid them.