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Episode 2 - Enemies and Characters

The Earth Explodes

Killable by a single gun shot. But they are still very dangerous. They can jump pretty high, but only in light, they can't jump in the dark.

Guard Robot
A dangerous robot which can fire 4 shots at a time, which will make it very hard to dodge. These robots can't be killed.

Vorticon Warrior
The most dangerous creature in the game. Can fire, run and jump, so make sure you kill it before it kills you. Take 4 gun shots to kill it.

These robots can't harm your keen. They can climb almost everywhere, up and or across the walls. They can push you or even carry you. Sometimes they can get very annoying, but often they can even help you out.

Young Vorticon
A very annoying creature which can run and jump with a great speed. Watch out for this creature, because it can easily paralyze your keen.