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Episode 1 - Enemies and Characters

Marooned On Mars

These are the lovely and friendly creatures that can't kill you. They can however get very annoying. Jumping on them will paralyze them for a few seconds and will make the harmless. But you can also kill them with one gun shot.

These creatures are one of the most dangerous ones. They can attack you quickly with a very great speed. This monster can also be killed with one gun shot.

Vorticon Robot
A harmless robot which is capable of shooting green lasers. You can pretty easily avoid these robots, but be careful, you can't kill them.

The most dangerous creature in the game. Will follow and jump after you pretty quickly. They often can't be avoided, and should be killed. It takes 4 gun shots to eliminate them.

Buttler Robot
These robots are similar to the Yorp creatures, they will only push you around. There are only 2 differences, these guys move faster and can't be killed.

Clappers can be very easily avoided, since they don't move at all. However, your keen will die if he touches one.