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Date: 09:28, 4th May
From: Duffadash
Email: [email protected]

Message: It's me again, just wanted to drop in again... On my birthday! YAY!
Date: 19:40, 29th April
From: dosgamer1
Email: [email protected]

Message: ican't believe commander kean is still around
i havent played this gamesince i was 5 now i'm 13 and i'm still playin you guy's are great.
Date: 09:47, 27th April
From: Shanti's Avenger
Email: [email protected]

Message: Oh, man! This brings back so many memories! I played this game when I was 6/7 too! (I'm 16 now).
I'm glad to see such excellent games have not been forgotten. Keep on!


Date: 09:23, 24th April
From: Cille
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hey!! i am an Danish girl and i found your site on google.. i just wanted to say, that i think Keen is the best game ever created!!! :D computer unfortunately to new (I think) to download any of the games : oops : if anyone has an idea how to download any way, please write me!! :)
greeting, cecilie
Date: 09:47, 22nd April
From: Cibok
Email: [email protected]

Message: Aaah that's cool. A must see movie! Wooo!
Date: 08:39, 22nd April
From: AllanTheDevil aka Duffadash
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hey! Just dropped by to say hi again!
(I'm the links guy)
I've got some good newz! April 29 (I think) The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy comes out in the cinemas! The Commander Keen series made several referances to The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, for example, in dopefish's description it says its the second-dumbest creature in the universe, this is a reference to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, the dumbest, which is so dumb that it thinks that if you can't see it, it can't see you.
(Besides, the vogons is mentioned severeral times as far as I remember...)

Well... I'm finished talking (okay... Writing, WRITING!) now, so i'll just leave yall, with a
CYA! Duff' said
Date: 04:56, 1st April
From: Mortl
Email: [email protected]

Message: Cool Site about Commander Keen.
I love this Game!!
Date: 09:35, 15th April
From: keen lover
Email: [email protected]

Message: i`m from norway. i love this game. Now i gona download all the episodes.. now my friends love it too. from a boy in age 14.. :wink:
Date: 12:32, 19th March
From: Cibok
Email: [email protected]

Message: Go buy those episodes if you want to play them. You can get them for pretty cheap at :D
Date: 16:27, 14th March
From: PustAhw
Email: [email protected]

Message: This is a very good and cool website! :D 8) :shock:
Date: 18:23, 10th March
From: Caleb
Email: [email protected]

Message: :shock: MAN i cant believe i found a website that still has commander keen for download. I love this game, i remember playing it when i was like 5-7. I wish that i could play episodes 2, 3, 5, and 6.
Date: 07:10, 5th March
From: haze da blaze
Email: [email protected]

Message: i love commander keen! I remember when i was about 7 and 10 Years old... i played it with my best friend on his old computer. (the first episode) We didnt understand the Story (Im from Switzerland) but we had fun anyway!! we rhymed our own story and we had just FUN!! Now (im 15) i remember that.. i buyd all the Games and now i understand everything! thats sooo coool! For me, Commande rKeen ist the Best Game EVER!! Its old and the Graphic is tooo bad but i loved it and ill ever love it!!
Greez (sorry about my bad english ;-) )

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