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Date: 14:37, 5th November
From: Hanno
Email: [email protected]

Message: Commander Keen 4 life...
I played this game 12 years ago.
wł lash/dopefish
Date: 16:39, 4th November
From: Hannes
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hello people!
I have problems to get commander kenn 1 started on my vista computer. It says that the system does not support 16bit? What shall I do?
Date: 14:19, 4th November
From: Amanda
Email: [email protected]

Message: You didn't grow up with a computer if you did not have this game. I am 19 years old and my sisters and I used to play this game when we were 5. I finally beat #1 this year and it took me like an hour. Rather easy since I've grown up. I have missed the game sooo much.
Date: 18:12, 2nd November
From: Rita Robinson
Email: [email protected]

Message: This is the first game I ever played (1990's) - The best gliche I found was where keen can enter an underground area and get tones of fire arms and teddies for free lives and points then enter the teleporter so that level isn't finished and start back on the site map and re-enter to do it again and again to max points and ammo! Has anyone else tried this? Im glad to see the other episodes available here - great job you guys, what a brilliant site! (ROBBO '07') :wink:
Date: 10:35, 30th October
From: Aidan
Email: [email protected]

Message: I remember playing this when I was 4 and my older brother who was 15, always played it and I was amazed at how good he was. I now have all 7 episodes, does anyone know where I can get the full vertion of episode six any where else? E-MAIL ME!
Date: 02:18, 25th October
From: Spatula McFerguson
Email: [email protected]

Message: I'd like to suggest another cheat for keens 1-3. Pressing F8 will open some sort of glitch that scrambles the map you're currently on.

This is mostly useless, but in keen 1, if you walk over to the BWB rocket and press F8, then ctrl once you get to the glitch screen, it'll take you to the last level.

The last city happens to have a pogo stick in it, so it can be played like the first level!
Date: 16:17, 22nd October
From: Jochen
Email: [email protected]

Message: I am much too old for these games *g* but sometimes when I find them hidden anywhere in the deapth of my HDD I just have to play a bit and I always have much fun.

Thanks for the maps I found a new big secret yesterday. :-)

Best regards
Jochen (from Germany)
Date: 19:02, 20th October
From: simon
Email: [email protected]

Message: i am now 12 and back when my dad had ipex i played the first one and that was when my love for the game started and recently i have found this web site and i yelled at the top of my voice when i found the downloads
Date: 11:46, 18th October
From: Ben K
Email: [email protected]

Message: I once recieved Commander Keen episode 4 way back in the day on a pair of those goliath 5 1/2" floppy's for a christmas gift. I recently rediscovered my love for the game and played through the last 3 episodes, and then surprisingly discovered Keen Dreams and played through that. Gooooooood gammmmmmesssssss...
Date: 18:06, 16th October
From: Hans
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hi there!
Used to play this with my son on my 286 pc in 1987.
My son and I are very surprised that we can play it again!
Date: 11:35, 11th October
From: ik
Email: [email protected]_._

Message: It has been a while since the last time I played Keen. It's certainly the best game I've ever played. I used to play it on a 486 DX2!

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