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Date: 03:58, 13th February
From: nice site
Email: [email protected]

Message: VERY NICE :D
Date: 12:18, 8th February
From: Phil
Email: [email protected]

Message: Can anybody help me to vind a way to get al de CK episodes??

Greetz Phil
Date: 21:22, 4th February
From: Cehk
Email: [email protected]

Message: Commander Keen is cool!
Date: 01:48, 4th February
From: Andy Summers
Email: [email protected]

Message: Awesome. We used to run a BBS in Guernsey (Channel Islands) and introduced CK and Apogee there.

Those were the days when my son sat on my knee to reach the he's doing a video games degree!!

Thanks to all for the neat site and the memories.

Date: 08:56, 25th January
From: Damian
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hello All ...

First off ... Thanks to all who run this site ... Commander Keen !!! ... a legend in my childhood video game collection ...

I only stumbled upon this site as I was reading a webcomic and one of the characters was making fun of his PC by saying it could only run Commander Keen ... and that's when it hit me like a tonne of bricks ...

I'd forgotten about this epic title that I spent Oh so many days playing ... so I then Googled it and came up on this site ... first hit I believe too ...

First off thanks ... it was episode 4 that I use to play ... and it's the one I've just downloaded ... can't wait to show my siblings who no doubt will get nostalgic about it ...

For all you Vista people out there ... for I myself am one too ... fear not ... go to (I had to use spaces to seperate the W's due to the guest book security filter) w w ?main=1 and at the top there is a table saying 'DOSBox' ... and underneath Windows is the first entry ... click on this and download it ... then install it ...

What this is is an MS-DOS emulator ... so it runs on Vista (and XP) and can play ANY DOS game ... great for those who want to go retro and play all thos 1990's classics ... the original Lemmings anyone ... Prince of Persia ... Boomber Man ... haha ...

Evidentaly on the home page of this site (the Commander Keen Site I'm refering too) ... there is a post mentioning this DOS Emulator ... (I had to use spaces to seperate the W's due to the guest book security filter) w w ing-commander-keen-from-w indows-xp.php ...

Thanks once more to all involved in the creation and upkeep of this site ...

Hope you all enjoy and have fun with Commander Keen and his adventures ...

Ciaos for nows ...
Date: 05:12, 25th January
From: Andi
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hi!

Great site! this was the first site I ever saw about Commander Keen. This was in December last year and now I have begun playing the episodes 4 and 5. And they are still fun!!
Commander Keen1 was the first computer game I ever saw and I already forgot that these games exist. : oops :
But now I want to play all episodes because I could not do this as a child because I had no PC. :cry:
Date: 08:21, 23rd January
From: Maik
Email: [email protected]

Message: Wow Tolle page, Commander Keen macht spass, leider läuft es nicht unter win Vista! :cry:

Gibt es ein DOS emulator für vista?

Page is very nice... :D

Lg Maik
Date: 06:11, 23rd January
From: Catharina
Email: [email protected]

Message: Oh my god :D I played Commander Keen every day when i was young! It´s very funny that Keen still live on ;)
Now i´ve got Windows Vista and I heard that Keen doesn´t work on Vista :(

Greetings from Sweden!

Date: 06:22, 21st January
From: Uczelnie
Email: [email protected]

Message: Great Work, Very interesting site and well done. Very interesting and cool site, a lot of info and nice design i recommend this site :D
Date: 14:38, 16th January
From: Saeed "Billy Blaze" Afshari
Email: [email protected]

Message: :!:Ya hear? there is some zzzzzzzap voice... : ? Maybe i was dreamin :(
Date: 20:08, 14th January
From: Denise
Email: [email protected]

Message: Oh My God! those are Com Keens characters I saw in the Isaac Caret UFO diagram. How did you all make them so small. I can't believe it. Krazy carot, grapes, Frantic fry..I thought those people were flat out lyin I swear to God! I saw Dopefish mistaking him .Somebody give me a break! That was at Above top secret forum and several others. Wow...
Please tell Who owns this site they are good! Tell me how you did deserve an oscar or something This is unreal! Bless your hearts..I'm buying the games too I have xp even old win311 too . I'm telling my friends because this is unnatural..
keep up the fantastic ufos and

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