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Date: 09:48, 20th April
From: Ingmar
Email: [email protected]

Message: I used to play this game late at night at my black and white laptop, just getting caught up into the game and the story..

Realy really great game !
Date: 22:05, 20th April
From: Vincent
Email: [email protected]

Message: My friend and I used to religiously play Keen back in the day :D

My fiancee was a SEGA/Sonic kid which I never had...

Thanks to your site I downloaded Keen 1 and 6 and how can show her some old school PC goodness.

Date: 19:11, 25th April
From: Stephen Maxwell
Email: [email protected]

Message: Commander Keen 4 was and is the best game ever made. I used to play it, and now I'm estatic to have found it again.

One major problem, though: The sound! the sound is a failure. I have to put up with the annoying screeching noises from the "pc speaker" instead. Is there any way to fix this, or is the sound just incompatible with my computer? I really loved the music of CK...
Date: 14:43, 26th April
From: Sophrosyne Natascha
Email: [email protected]

Message: I have always loved it and I ever will!
Both on PC and on the GB Color!!!
Thanks for this site.
I thought I was the only "retro lover" left :D
Date: 13:42, 28th April
Email: [email protected]


Date: 14:43, 28th April
From: Ulanka
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hey!
Thank you for making this page!
I'm astonished and cheering right now.
I used to play Commander Keen when I was a little child, but I still love it.
It's just so insane, and so cute, aw ^^
I just downloaded it.
Oh, and the hints are awesome ^^
Keep it going :)
Date: 13:46, 2nd May
From: Joanne
Email: [email protected]

Message: How do I buy the trilogy? I love this game and want all of it. I am so glad you made it so I can play on XP. Thanks so much for all of your work
Date: 04:12, 5th May
From: Siddharth Chitambar
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hi All,
Firstly congratulations for making such an amazing game. I have not played it for about 4 years. But in mid-90's when I was a kid, me and my brother used to play this game we were addicts. this game gave so much in a 486 CPU and Win95 OS. Now after graduating as a Computer Engineer I see the different hurdles and platform dependence which come into picture. I have some idea of how this game was developed, I think it is development in C++ with some graphic library support.
It would be very interesting to know more of it development.
Please write to me about the methodology used in creation ,I know it is copy righted but it will be a dream come true to know about the best game I ever played.
Date: 07:26, 6th May
From: Timothy
Email: [email protected]

Message: Really cool game... 8)
Date: 22:36, 9th May
From: Silvermoth
Email: [email protected]

Message: Thanks for the easy to navigate site, allowing me to relive my keen years. I greatly appreciate it :D

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