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Date: 23:56, 9th March
From: Sangha Im
Email: [email protected]

Message: The one interview of Tom Hall is available on 3d realm website. He said he would eventually work on the sequel of the second commander keen trilogies. He explained how IDSoft became hectic with all the first personal shooting games and they had to give up working on keen (what a lame excuse!) Anyway, the below is a link to the webpage.. ANd I hope to see the third trilogies of commander keen coming out before I have my grandkids. keenhistory2.html
Date: 09:12, 10th March
From: sum1
Email: [email protected]_and_found.search4it

Message: Thx, ill check the link out :D
Date: 06:41, 14th March
Email: [email protected]

Message: Well done, this site is really great. Just wanted to say hello,
keep up the good work!

Date: 13:19, 15th March
From: Veronika
Email: [email protected]

Message: Hi, your site is great. Commander keen is an awesome game, which I played first about 12 years before. I downloaded all the episodes now, and finished the episode 1,2,4 and six. I have problem in episode 5, where I'm nearly at the end in the last level and I can't manage how to destroy the last machine. I tried pogostick and gun, but everything failed. Can you help me, please?
Date: 13:49, 15th March
From: Queen Viva
Email: [email protected]

Message: In the last game in keen five, you first get all, (yes, ALL) the gems, then put the red one in its holder. Out will come a few shikadi mines (the black-box-shaped thing with a red, moving dot in its middle) and you need to guide it to the machine, to the middle part, the globe, and then get close enough to it for it to explode. It will explode. If you're TOO close you'll die and have to do it over, but if you make it explode and then run FAST then you'll make it in time and reach the glorious ending :)

Advice: save the game A LOT, and dont get too close to the shikadi mines.
Good luck!!
By the way, nice site, but the picture of the shikadi mines isnt very accurate. Its still a good site wither way though :)
-Queen Viva
Date: 18:30, 15th March
From: Me
Email: [email protected]

Message: :evil: Just so you know, under the "Enemies and Characters" link on the site, in episode 5, the "Slicestar" enemy can be killed. It takes approximately 10 shots, sorry im too lazy to go find out. I really dont care if u change or not so whatever. :shock: :shock: :shock:
Date: 03:33, 16th March
Email: [email protected]

Message: Many interesting information on your site
keep up good work.

Date: 11:14, 16th March
From: Veronika
Email: [email protected]

Message: Thands for your answer very much. I surely wouldn't discovery this method by that "shikadi mines". Thands ones more.
Date: 14:53, 16th March
From: Commander Keen fan
Email: [email protected]

Message: I love playing commander keen! And I think that it is great that some people want to keep Keen alive!!! PLEASE KEEP up the good work!!!
Date: 06:25, 17th March
From: Case
Email: [email protected]

Message: Yay you guys rock! i cant find this game anywhere :D

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